Hrithik Roshan Berbicara Dan Menginspirasi


Riwayat perjalanan hidup Hrithik Roshan sangat menarik disimak, diambil hikmahnya dan diteladani. Dulunya, Hrithik Roshan gagap bicara, pemalu dan tidak percaya diri.

Tetapi, hari ini kita mendapati Hrithik Roshan yang wah!. Hrithik Roshan tumbuh  menjadi superstar, pujaan hati banyak orang, penuh percaya diri dan berbicara sarat pilosofis tanpa gagap lagi.

Menarik, dari beberapa wawancara dan ketika Hrithik Roshan berbicara di atas podium selalu kata-katanya menginspirasi.

Kami kutip wawancara Hrithik Roshan dengan beberapa waktu lalu :

“You don’t feel like a superstar? There are people who get your face tattooed on their bodies. Then there are people who come online and tell you to learn to act, in colourful language. How do you, non-superstar, manage these extremes, abuse and affection both?

I need to look at both of these through compassion. If a person has got my face tattooed on his back, I think that is a bit extreme. But there are situations where people may need to look up to an idea, an ideal, or a person to provide them direction in life. And if I can provide that, it’s a compliment to me. But if I take it as a sign of my greatness, then I have got it all wrong. I am not a greater guy after the tattoo. 

In reverse, when someone says anything bad about you, the way I look at it is – there is no truth, there is only a point of view. It depends on where you are standing. If a person tells me, ‘Hey, I don’t think you’re a great actor, you’re an idiot, you over-act,’ or whatever, that’s his point of view. In such a situation, I feel it’s my responsibility to demonstrate that you should never counter an attack with more attack.

That’s the essential path to peace. I want to feel good about myself, and so, what I do is, I type back – ‘Well, I try, and now I will try harder; thank you for your feedback.’ And I feel good about myself. And he relaxes, nothing has hit his ego, and so he’s not going to attack any more. I have brought about peace in this war – even if it is the micro level.”

Dan di bawah ini ketika Hrithik Roshan di IIFA 2007  pemenang Best Actor :

Bicaranya sedikit humor tetapi banyak makna. Meskipun bagi beberapa orang menjadi kurang menarik karena lebih serius. Mungkin suatu saat nanti Hrithik Roshan menjadi pemimpin India karena bicaranya yang menginspirasi?. Siapa tahu?


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